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Selected press and interviews with Stefan Simchowitz.

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Art Dealer Stefan Simchowitz Scores 0.24 Percent of Votes in U.S. Senate Bid

It was not a performance, he insisted, but an honest-to-goodness candidacy.

The Art World’s Enfant Terrible Runs for Senate

Stefan Simchowitz is a provocateur. ‘Why am I running as a Republican? Because I’ve seen up close the hypocrisy of the left and it’s unfathomable.’

Divisive Los Angeles dealer Stefan Simchowitz runs for US Senate

Once dubbed “the art world’s patron satan”, the gallerist is hoping to take the Californian seat formerly held by the late Dianne Feinstein

The Art World Loves to Hate Him. He’s Building an Empire Anyway.

For years, dealer Stefan Simchowitz has been treated as a pariah by the establishment’s upper echelons. That’s not stopping him from building a vast art machine.

Simchowitz and Altman: The Lightning Rod and The Anchor

Friends of more than 30 years: Stefan Simchowitz and David Altman talk to Refiloe about their collaboration in creating and running The Cape Town Arts Residency and their vision of nurturing African artists.

Tales from the Mall

#130 Stefan Simchowitz

Art Smack

In this episode, Jerry and Matt are joined by collector, dealer, and patron: Stefan Simchowitz.

artnet news

Stefan Simchowitz May No Longer Be Hated by the L.A. Art Scene, Kanye West Shows Up Uninvited at a Frieze Party, and More Juicy Art World Gossip.

artnet news

‘It’s Movie-Star Money From the 1980s’: Stefan Simchowitz, the Original Art Flipper, on How Artists Are Cashing In on Speculation.

The Art of Making it

THE ART OF MAKING IT documentary film follows a diverse cast of young artists at defining moments in their careers to explore whether the art world ecosystem meant to nurture them is actually failing them.

Sydney Xiong

A Zoom Interview with Stefan Simchowitz.

Istanbul University

A Zoom Interview with Stefan Simchowitz.

Zabludowicz Collection

Talking Collecting: Stefan Simchowitz with Anita

White Hot Magazine

Noah talks to LA artist Case Simmons who is collaborating with Stefan Simchowitz’s “Simco Drops” platform on an NFT project.


Makesa Kaizen, London based art dealer and founder of The WHO Gallery, talks to Stefan Simchowitz, LA based art collector, curator and mentor for emerging artists and founder of Simco's Club, about his creative journey, the current state of the art market and how it’s been impacted by the global pandemic.

White Hot Magazine

Stefan Simchowitz, a divisivefigure in the art business, is about to open his new gallery space in LA next month. Nina Mdivani speaks with Simchowitz about his new gallery, his views on the art market, collectors, and new digital environments.

Hyde or Practise

Erika and Alexis talk to LosAngeles dealer/collector/man of many hats Stefan Simchowitz. Why does Stefan do what he does and where does he think things are going? We talk about supporting artists, broken structures that lead to inequality and in his words "bad Simco mythology"!  

Cuperior Collection

Art Collector Oliver Elst of Cuperior Collection interviews Stefan Simchowitz about his experiences in collecting and his thoughts on the art market on Instagram Live.

Leroy Brothers

The Art Dealer For The Apocalypse: Stefan Simchowitz On How To Sell Artworks In A Chaotic World By Andrew M. Goldstein.

Art & Education

Applications for Art Market Studies 2019–21 and talk with Stefan Simchowitz and Daniel Doubrovkine.Applications for Art Market Studies 2019–21 and talk with Stefan Simchowitz and Daniel Doubrovkine.


The Notorious Stefan Simchowitz on Art Dealing, Social Media, and Faith in Art.

Vogue Australia

Art & Design: Scene Stealers.

Listen Notes

TheAList.Art - Meet the Art World's Top Influencers with Nic Forrest : Stefan Simchowitz.

Keeping It Real Art Critics

‘KIRAC 8: The Art of Simchowitz', a film about the Los Angeles art dealer Stefan Simchowitz. In his own unique way, artist Stefan Ruitenbeek observes Simchowitz’ daily life, capturing his movements through the colourful biotope of millionaire art buyers in Los Angeles.

Art Africa

Africa is Open for Business.

Vanity Fair

Is Silicon Valley Destroying the Art Market?

artnet news

Stefan Simchowitz Has a Bit Part Opposite Jennifer Lawrence in Darren Aronofsky’s New Horror Flick.

The Farm

Unchain My Art #3 The Family - Stefan Simchowitz.

The Farm

Stefan Simchowitz on Museum 2.0 at The Museum of Fake Art.

The New York Times

The Art World's Patron Satan.


The Economist asks: What are the economics of art?

1843 Magazine

The art market’s new volatility is making fortunes and destroying artists. Richard Davies met Stefan Simchowitz, the dealer accused of creating the turmoil and the most hated man in the business.

Le Monde

Le requin  de l’art  contemporain.

The New York Times

At Frieze Art Week, All Eyes on the Pound.


Art Brut.


Typhoon Simchowitz (Skype Transmission).

Ran Dian

The Urinal in the Art World—Interview with Stefan Simchowitz.


The Art Dealer for the Apocalypse: Stefan Simchowitz on How to Sell Artworks in a Chaotic World.

artnewsafrica with artnewsafrica and Nkechi Bakare.

Financial Times

Is Loyalty to and Art Gallery Outdated?

The Hollywood Reporter

First Look: ICM Partners' Soaring New Century City Offices Escalate the Agency Art Wars.

artnet news

artnet Titans: The Most Powerful People in the Art World, Part III.

artnet news

Stefan Simchowitz Blasts Dealers and Their ‘Fictional Powers of Persuasion.’

Nasher Sculpture Center

360 Speaker Series: New Art World Panel at the Nasher Sculpture Center.


Stefan Simchowitz Isn’t as Controversial as He’d Like You to Believe.

Haute Living

Making A Mark: Artistic Progress in Los Angeles.

WYBCX Yale Radio

Stefan Simchowitz.

DIEM 2015 Panel

Stefan Simchowitz in the Why Art?

Talking Galleries 2015

Excerpt from "Marc Spiegler: '10 Questions every gallerist should be asking themself now'. Talking Galleries 2015."


Private Eye on Stefan Simchowitz.


Power 100: Most influential people in 2015 in the contemporary artworld.


Stefan Simchowitz: in Conversation With Marta Gnyp.


Jute Sack Artworks Are at the Center of Simchowitz Lawsuit Against Venice Biennale Artist.


Der Schieber.

artnet news

17 Disruptors Who Have Completely Changed the Art World.


Stefan Simchowitz: Outsider Art.


What Is ‘Simco’s Club,’ Stefan Simchowitz’s New Website?

Los Angeles Magazine

Why Art Gallery Owners Love to Hate Stefan Simchowitz.

Los Angeles Magazine

Why Art Gallery Owners Love to Hate Stefan Simchowitz.

ALAC 2015

An Eye on the Future: New Business Models for the Art Market.

artnet news

Christopher Glazek Annotates His NYT Stefan Simchowitz Story.


Thoughts on Stefan Simchowitz from Berlin.

artnet news

Is Stefan Simchowitz a Blessing or a Nightmare?


After NYT Profile, Simchowitz Blathers Back.


From here no longer to eternity.

Monopol Magazine

Zukunft Des Marktes Simchowitz.

LA Weekly

Is Greed Good for Art.


Stefan Simchowitz vs. the Art World.

Art Space

The Sacred Cows of the Art World (Or, Why Everyone's So Nervous About Stefan Simchowitz).


Saltz on Stefan Simchowitz, the Greatest Art-Flipper of Them All.

Art Space

Cultural Entrepreneur Stefan Simchowitz on the Merits of Flipping, and Being a "Great Collector."

LA Magazone

How Stefan Simchowitz “Makes” an Artist.