Photography by Stefan Simchowitz

Stefan Simchowitz is a professional hobbyist photographer. For enquiries regarding assignments, please contact Stefan directly at
Terence Koh · Pine cones and pussy cats
(February 17, 2017) Terence Koh began as spirit. He then became a man, then an artist, and realized that both man and artist are spirit. Upon this realization, he left behind the things that man and artist need, to be the thing he always was.
Boys Will Be Boys
(February 7, 2017) Los Angeles can be an odd place, if you pay attention to strangers. It was early December 2016 and I was having my regular iced almond milk latte – made courtesy of Blue Bottle with home made almond milk – when I saw a towering tough guy full of tattoos with a beautiful woman, clearly from another part of the world.
(January 27, 2017) Aliona Kononova lives in Los Angeles. Jana Reim lives in Moscow. They are best friends.
(November 17, 2016) Once a year in London the art world congregates to a large tent in Regents park to see the Frieze Art Fair.
Suiting Up - ICM Partners Dresses Up
(October 21, 2016) About 8 months ago I received a call from Ted Chervin the charming and almost monk like joy enthusing senior partner at ICM...
Marc Horowitz: Tinker, Tailor, Sculptor, Painter
(August 31, 2016) The spy in John Le Carré’s novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is a soviet mole in the British Secret Service. The artist in our story...
PC = Petra Cortright
(August 3, 2016) I just checked my “friendship” on facebook with Petra Cortright and noted we became Facebook friends in July of 2012.
(June 24, 2016) About a decade ago, I can not remember precisely when, I was at Deitch Projects in NYC looking at a show. I noticed an extraordinarily stylish couple, stylish in the way that only Italians can be, and introduced myself to them.
(April 21, 2016) On Dallas Sellers Club
I was invited by the renowned Dallas institution, The Nasher Museum – one of the few very well funded institutions dedicated solely to the exhibition of sculpture...
On Phillip Colbert
{March 16, 2016) Bungalow 3: An Englishman POP’s into LA.
On Apolonia Sokol
(February 24, 2016) “Will you marry me”. Those were some of the first words spoken to me by Apolonia Sokol...
Petra Cortright on the Gentrification of the Internet
(April 4, 2016) The Californian artist on how the web has become a much less weird place