Ara Dymond

Ara Dymond (b. Honolulu, Hawaii 1978) currently lives and works in New York, New York, United States. He received a B.A. in Art History from SUNY Purchase, Purchase, New York, New York, United States. Ara Dymond's Curriculum Vitae can be found here.

Press & Videos

Selected press and interviews with Ara Dymond:

Wolf Spiders, Bondage Polaroids, and Crapstraction: Opening Day at NADA New York
(May 5, 2016) In addition to the work-hungry collectors crawling through NADA New York during its opening Wednesday afternoon, there was another, slightly more venomous crew...
Art Advisor Benjamin Godsill's Favorite Works From NADA New York 2016
(May 4, 2016) Benjamin Godsill has made a career out of his ability to separate the best from the rest in contemporary art. A former curator at the New Museum who then served as a senior...
IMG Exec Peter Knell's Favorite Works From NADA New York 2016
So Trendy! Neon & Mirrors For Selfies (December 10, 2014) Art trends—by nature—are fickle. Here are three we noticed down at Art Basel last week that might have more staying power than others.
CRITIC’S VIEW: Art Basel Miami Beach – Happy Days are Here Again
(December 6, 2014) The winter solstice brings with it the massive annual gathering of world-class art fairs and events centered along the strip of art deco structures and glittering night life of Miami Beach...
Three Hundred and Sixty
(October 23, 2014) mother’s tankstation – near the Guinness factory in Dublin – had a great stand at Frieze London 2014. Centred by Ara Dymond’s surrealist looking sculptures – organic-like forms that hang angularly...
Frieze London: Miley Cyrus, Sleeping Guards, and Race-Car Hunting Trophies
(October 15, 2014) LONDON — Frieze London returns for its 12th edition, bringing with it new components — like “Live,” a programming selection that includes interactive pieces, dance...
25 Questions for Cacti-Inspired Conceptual Artist Ara Dymond
(August 22, 2013) “Ara Dymond: Famous, New York, Modernism Everywhere” which is opening at Santa Monica Museum of Art on September 13, is your first U.S. museum solo exhibition. That’s quite a title. What inspired it?
AO On-Site: NADA New York Art Fair at Basketball City, Through May 12th, 2013
(May 11, 2013) The NADA Art Fair opened yesterday for its second annual New York event, bringing over 70 galleries and exhibitors to downtown Manhattan’s Basketball City for a diverse exhibition of new works...
''...but the clouds...''
(January 2013) Samuel Beckett, both the paragon and the undertaker of high modernism, has held the attention of artists for decades—as seen in exhibitions from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s ''Teleplays''...

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