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Applications for Art Market Studies 2019–21 and talk with Stefan Simchowitz and Daniel Doubrovkine
(April 24, 2019) Watch a video of our last talk with Stefan Simchowitz (Simco's Club) and Daniel Doubrovkine (CTO, Artsy) available on or our youtube channel @artmarketstudies.
The Notorious Stefan Simchowitz on Art Dealing, Social Media, and Faith in Art
(July 24, 2018) I caught up with Simchowitz while he rode around in his gray Porsche S.U.V., crossing errands off his list in Miracle Mile.
Art & Design: Scene Stealers
(May 2018) Turning the LA art scene on its ear, controversial collector Stefan Simchowitz takes time out from his 'transparent trade' to highlight the city's ascendant stars.
TheAList.Art - Meet the Art World's Top Influencers with Nic Forrest : Stefan Simchowitz
(January 14, 2017) Stefan Simchowitz on his radical plans for decentralizing the art market
Africa is Open for Business
(September 2017) Stefan Simchowitz in conversation with Brendon Bell-Roberts
Is Silicon Valley Destroying the Art Market?
(August 25, 2017) Stefan Simchowitz, who has been described as the “art world’s patron Satan,” discusses the world’s strangest and most mercurial market on the latest episode of Inside the Hive.
Stefan Simchowitz Has a Bit Part Opposite Jennifer Lawrence in Darren Aronofsky’s New Horror Flick
(August 24, 2017) The controversial Los Angeles-based art collector, dealer, and “cultural entrepreneur” Stefan Simchowitz will take a short break from frightening gallerists to frighten moviegoers...
Unchain My Art #3 The Family - Stefan Simchowitz
(May 12, 2017) [1:19 – Frederic Clad] Let’s start with you, Stefan. Who are you, what is your role in the Art Market, your background?
Stefan Simchowitz on Museum 2.0 at The Museum of Fake Art
(April 6, 2017) Listen in on the opening lecture by Stefan Simchowitz at The Museum of Fake Art. He sits down with Matty Mo aka The Most Famous Artist to share his thoughts on the current state of the art market. For more information on Stefan...
The Art World’s Patron Satan
(December 30, 2014) Stefan Simchowitz, the controversial 44-year-old movie producer, Internet entrepreneur and industrial scion who over the last seven years has pursued a manic quest to assemble the world’s most lucrative collection of emerging contemporary art...
The Economist asks: What are the economics of art?
(March 16, 2017) Are the new players in the art world opening it up or destroying it? Economist Richard Davies profiles one dealer accused of creating turmoil in the market. Also on the show: Artist Schandra Singh ponders the intricate relationship between art and money. And senior director at the auction house Sotheby's...
Art Market Vs. Predator
(February 2017) The art market’s new volatility is making fortunes and destroying artists. Richard Davies met Stefan Simchowitz, the dealer accused of creating the turmoil and the most hated man in the business.
Le requin de l’art contemporain
(September 6, 2015) Stefan Simchowitz, the shark of the contemporary art world. Acheter pas cher, revendre vite : le collectionneur et marchand américain Stefan Simchowitz n’a pas peur de passer pour un spéculateur. Loin de faire l'unanimité, ce provocateur s’est imposé sur le marché de l’art...
Art World Influencer Stefan Simchowitz’s Guide to LA
(March 27, 2017) Stefan Simchowitz’s reputation is bound to proceed him wherever he goes, such is the impact and influence that he has had (and continues to have) on the art world. The Los Angeles-based art collector, consultant, curator...
At Frieze Art Week, All Eyes on the Pound
(October 7, 2016) Great price, great picture!” exclaimed the auctioneer Jussi Pylkkanen, under a screen that showed “GBP 6,200,000”...
Art Brut
(May 2015) Read the full profile of Stefan Simchowitz in Interview Magazine's art issue, Germany.
Typhoon Simchowitz (Skype Transmission)
(January 17, 2018) Speaker: Mr. Stefan Simchowitz, Art Collector
Stefan Simchowitz: I want the fucking Sun, not the Moon
(February 2017) Stefan Simchowitz is a well-known name within the international contemporary art world. Besides being an established name, Mr. Simchowitz is somewhat considered an enfant terrible of the art world for revolting against traditional rules and concepts.
The Urinal in the Art World — Interview with Stefan Simchowitz
(January 27, 2017) Stefan Simchowitz was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Johannesburg, South Africa, and brought up on three continents—Africa, Europe, and North America...
The Art Dealer for the Apocalypse: Stefan Simchowitz on How to Sell Artworks in a Chaotic World
(December 14, 2016) As the art industry undergoes its messy transition into the globalized digital era, a handful of self-styled change agents have emerged with visions of how to best leverage and guide this period of upheaval.
Exclusive Art News Africa Interview with Stefan Simchowitz
(October 9, 2016) Contemporary art from Africa and its role in the global art market.
Is Loyalty to an Art Gallery Outdated?
(September 23, 2016) Or is the collector-dealer bond more important than ever?
First Look: ICM Partners' Soaring New Century City Offices Escalate the Agency Art Wars
(September 23, 2016) Eye-popping views of L.A. are the backdrop for a modern-day revolving gallery in the agency's just-completed new space atop its longtime tower home...
ArtNet Titans: The Most Powerful People in the Art World, Part III
(September 22, 2016) Power in our rapidly expanding global art world comes in many forms...
Stefan Simchowitz Blasts Dealers and Their ‘Fictional Powers of Persuasion’
(August 8, 2016) He insists that galleries must let go of archaic business models.
360 Speaker Series: New Art World Panel at the Nasher Sculpture Center
(April 21, 2016) In a rapidly changing market, who defines the value of art? How can collectors navigate an industry that is increasingly complex in terms of geography and channels of distribution? A panel of art world players...
Ten questions all gallerists should be asking themselves now
(January 29, 2016) Is gallery space still worth paying rent for or will Instagram replace it all? Art Basel director Marc Spiegler gives us the answers
Stefan Simchowitz Isn’t as Controversial as He’d Like You to Believe
(January 5, 2016) Stefan Simchowitz has a talent for making himself the center of conversation. That talent was on full view over the past week, since the New York Times released its Sunday magazine profile of the art collector/dealer.
Making a Mark: Artistic Progress in Los Angeles
(May 23, 2017) Stefan Simchowitz is a well-known, Los Angeles-based art advisor. He is a vocal proponent for social media as a tool for discovering, distributing and popularizing a new crew of artists—primarily using Facebook and Instagram as platforms for self promotion...
Stefan Simchowitz
(December 10, 2015) Yale University's radio station, WYBCX, in coversation with Stefan Simchowitz.
Stefan Simchowitz in the Why Art? DIEM 2015 Panel
(November 13, 2015) DIEM: Talks Design symposium on November 13, 2015, curated by Mallery Roberts Morgan with KCRW's Frances Anderton.
Marc Spiegler at Talking Galleries 2015 (excerpt on Simco)
(November 12, 2015) Excerpt from TALKING GALLERIES IV BARCELONA SYMPOSIUM: Reflections on the Contemporary Art Ecosystem by Marc Spiegler
PRIVATE EYE on Stefan Simchowitz
(November 3, 2015) An excerpt of Robyn Perry's conversation with Stefan Simchowitz
Art Review's POWER 100: Stefan Simchowitz
(November 2015) Collector-adviser-dealer and 'Patron-Satan' of young artists.
Stefan Simchowitz: In Conversation With Marta Gnyp
(September 9, 2015) Writer and gallerist Marta Gnyp interviews Stefan Simchowitz.
Jute Sack Artworks Are at the Center of Simchowitz Lawsuit Against Venice Biennale Artist
(August 25, 2015) Los Angeles dealer and artist agent Stefan Simchowitz and Dublin dealer Jonathan Ellis King have filed suit against the Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama, alleging that he breached a contract between them by, among other things, declaring hundreds of signed works inauthentic, potentially costing the dealers $4.45 million in work they own by him.
Der Schieber
(August 6, 2015) Dienstag, West Hollywood. Stefan Simchowitz tigert in Flipflops durch seinen Bungalow...
17 Disruptors Who Have Completely Changed the Art World
(August 3, 2015) The concept of disruption got its start in Clayton Christensen's 2011 book The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book that will Change the Way You Do Business...
Stefan Simchowitz: Outsider Art
(July 24, 2015) While art collector Stefan Simchowitz’s name is shrouded in controversy, he maintains his pariah status is an effective platform to introduce new artists.
What Is ‘Simco’s Club,’ Stefan Simchowitz’s New Website?
(May 19, 2015) Stefan Simchowitz, the art collector otherwise known by such epithets as “the art world’s patron satan,” “Sith Lord,” and “one of twelve producers on Requiem for a Dream,” has launched his own website that is fashionably vague but overflowing with photos—of artists, of art, of himself, all under the heading “Nice shot.”
Why Art Gallery Owners Love to Hate Stefan Simchowitz
(February 26, 2015) Brash and foulmouthed, he’s disrupting the way art is bought and sold...
An Eye on the Future: New Business Models for the Art Market w/ Jonathan T.D. Neil and Stefan Simchowitz
(January 31, 2015) Education Partner, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, will provide an informational and comprehensive conversation focusing on the proliferation of the international art market and the role of new models in this expanded field...
Christopher Glazek Annotates His NYT Stefan Simchowitz Story
(January 8. 2015) Christopher Glazek's New York Times article “The Art World's Patron Satan,“ on the controversial art-dealing practices of one Stefan Simchowitz, has produced nothing short of a tsunami of response and commentary.
Thoughts on Stefan Simchowitz from Berlin
(January 6, 2015) He’s back, but he never truly went away. Art collector/dealer/advisor/“flipper” Stefan Simchowitz, by virtue of a long exposé in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday, is again on the lips and fingertips of artists, art pros, and now mainstream culture vultures everywhere.
Is Stefan Simchowitz a Blessing or a Nightmare?
(January 5, 2015) In the art world, his name triggers a visceral reaction—people either love him or hate him, his boisterous, crass, and overly arrogant personality leave few feelings in between.
After NYT Profile, Simchowitz Blathers Back
(January 5, 2015) The first big article about art in 2015 isn't about art but about how money is having sex with young artists these days.
Dialogue by Stefan Simchowitz and Gerben Willers
(2015) Gerben Willers in conversation with Stefan Simchowitz (via skype), a dealer, consultant, and collector of contemporary art.
Stefan Simchowitz Interview
(2015) Interview recorded in December 2015
From here no longer to eternity
(October 5, 2014) In 2009, the American artist R.H. Quaytman created her large, beautifully designed graphic print, Orchard Spreadsheet. The work is based on a financial spreadsheet that lists the artworks sold in the...
Zukunft Des Marktes Simchowitz
(June 26, 2014) Der Kunstberater Stefan Simchowitz gilt als Inbegriff des Spekulaten, der junge Talente verheizt.
Is Greed Good For Art?
(June 26, 2014) Stefan Simchowitz, the art advisor, collector and patron who's become known, and villainized for, being market savvy.
Stefan Simchowitz vs. the Art World
(May 7, 2014) Dan Duray on Stefan Simchowitz for The Observer
The Sacred Cows of the Art World (Or, Why Everyone's So Nervous About Stefan Simchowitz)
(April 2, 2014) The herd is spooked. That's one interpretation of why there has been so much outrage over the the borderline heretical views that the collector Stefan Simchowitz espoused in Artspace's recent interview with him...
Saltz on Stefan Simchowitz, the Greatest Art-Flipper of Them All
(March 31, 2014) In 5,000 words, he manages to embody everything that's gross
Cultural Entrepreneur Stefan Simchowitz on the Merits of Flipping, and Being a “Great Collector”
(March 29, 2014) If you bring up the name Stefan Simchowitz in the company of art dealers, collectors, advisors, or other professionals, you are bound to get a vigorous reaction...
How Stefan Simchowitz “Makes” an Artist
(February 24, 2015) Is the art dealer a patron or profiteer? L.A. art dealer Stefan Simchowitz is reviled by some in the art world. As writer Michael Kaplan explains in “Gallery Rogue,” his profile in the March issue...